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What kind of staffing solutions do you need?

Whether you need local employees, or a hard to find international candidate for your off-shore facility. Look beyond the typical “HEAD HUNTERS” or employment agencies, and partner with International Business Resources (IBRSAT) a bilingual, world leader for all of your human resource solutions. Our multilingual staff & off shore offices provide quick and effective solutions for all of your organizational development needs.

About Us

We are a pioneer in international search and transition services solutions. Our consultants have over 25 years of experience in industry specific searches.

Through our bilingual team and off-shore offices we bring our strong world-wide alliances, extensive candidate database and global resources to all our clients.

Our Markets

Geography is not a limitation.

International Business Resources assists large and small operations across North America to Europe and Asia.

Call today to start your search.

Global Services

International Business Resources is a FULL-SERVICE, contingent and engaged fee executive search firm.

We provide:

-Worldwide Searches.

-All Levels Of Team Members.

-Transition Services (Outplacement).

-Confidential Searches.

-Plant Start-ups.

-Temporary Executives.

-Salary & Market Surveys.

About Us

About Us

IBR of San Antonio is a FULL SERVICE, Global, MULTI-LINGUAL, Executive Search firm with over 30 years of experience servicing the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Middle East. We work with individuals-to international corporations competing in the global market to domestic companies. We locate specialized, hard-to-find candidates in your specific industry.

Core Values

  • Professionalism

    We hold ourselves and team members to the highest character, competence and skill standards at all times. This level of professionalism is reflected in our iceberg philosophy. The majority of our extensive work happens “out of sight” before any candidate is introduced to a client.

    We DONOT throw dozens or hundreds of resumes on our clients’ desk, “resume drive-bys”, and expect our clients to do our work for us. We combine our 25 years of experience and global connections with top-quality research and the latest in technology to target individuals with the specific skills, salary requirements, and geographic location required by our clients. This group is then carefully screened, vetted and interviewed. Only the best three to four candidates are introduced to our clients.

  • Diversity

    As a truly global firm with partner offices and clients throughout the Western Hemisphere, Europe, Asia and the Middle East we interact with individuals of many different cultures, languages, and beliefs. Our experiences with each provide us with an appreciation for the value of the differing knowledge, viewpoints and experience for both our clients and ourselves.

  • Become A True Partner

    Many employment agencies are only interested in getting the job in front of them, a “one and done” philosophy. From the first day International Business Resources opened its doors, we believed the greatest success is achieved for our clients and our firm when we work together. This commitment and belief in partnership continues to the present, allowing us to meet our clients’ needs of today and anticipate solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Exceed Expectations

    International Business Resources prides itself on regularly “doing the impossible.” Many of our clients come to us in need of specialized, hard-to-find candidates for industry specific positions. We use our vast global network, latest technology and 25 years of industry knowledge to locate often times not one, but several viable candidates for clients’ consideration.

  • Integrity

    International Business Resources charges a flat fee of 15% of annual base-salary for all North American searches. This eliminates conflict of interest issues and assures IBR clients our work is thorough, unbiased, and transparent. Clients are also confident we introduce the right fit and right cultures candidates.

    Our high ethical standards also encompass all of candidate interactions. As your agents, we believe we have the highest responsibility to meet not only our own principles of integrity, but also those of our clients’. IBR’s honest and forthright with prospective candidates allow us to facilitate hiring negotiations with our client and candidate’s best interest in mind.

  • Innovative Solutions

    International Business Resources understands each client is different and faces unique challenges in their industry, geographic region, and organizational development goals. Our experience allows us to adapt to our clients needs and together develop viable and custom solutions rather than “one-size fits all” remedies.

  • Open Communication

    The exchange of valuable information is crucial to meeting our clients’ needs. We are diligent and discuss each client’s search requirements and company long-term goals and objectives while sharing our relevant industry and market expertise. This understanding helps us provide the best solution available. At the same time, we recognize our clients’ time is valuable and focus our communication on direct evaluation issues.

Innovative Solutions
Open Communication
Exceed Expectations


Our Services

International Business Resources provides a variety of services to international and domestic corporations with need of highly qualified talent at all levels, plant start-ups, transition services and more.

All Level Team Member Search

We locate specialized, hard-to-find industry specific professionals from direct reports to presidents and CEOs for a variety of industries.

Our bilingual account managers handle each search professionally, confidentially and always with a sense of urgency appreciated by our clients.

New Plant Start-Up

IBR has the resources, experience & global connections for your bulk hiring needs. Our past success with start ups around the world gives your team the confidence projects will be completed on time and on budget.

Transition Services

Our Transition Services or "outplacement"services philosophy is simple - every client is unique and has unique career objectives. Our three transition services can be conducted through the internet or in person.

-Individual Transition Services.

-Group Transition Services.

-Employee Transition Seminar.


Additional Services

Salary Resource Guide

International Business Resources extensive global network can provide our clients with regional and local salary surveys for most postions.

This "real time" up-to-date information is crucial for operations trying to stay competative and current in today's market.

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

International Business Resources possesses a unique service to help your company do more in less time.

Through our extensive research, knowledge of client-competitor information, personal industry sources, and confidential referrals we assist clients in individual to multi-search projects.

Our experience allows us to utilize our expansive data/research library and global connections effectively speeding up the search process without sacrificing quality.


Transition Services

Business Resources' Transition Services, or outplacement, is structured to help employees quickly transition to a new, fulfilling career. All of our programs can be done through the internet or inperson. We have three programs to meet your needs: individual one-on-one coaching programs, group programs, and employees seminars.

Unlike typical outplacement firms who ONLY offer limit interaction with affected workers to group meetings and seminars, we have specific one-to-one tranition coaching for individuals. We find this personal approach is the most effective way of addressing the complex challnges, practical needs, and emotional issues related to a change in employement status.

Transition Services Programs

Individual Services

We recognize someone recently downsized is many times not ready for group seminars and learning new skills like resume writing and job search techniques. At IBR, our one-on-one Individual Transition Services Program philosophy is simple - every client is unique and has unique career objectives.

We achieve results by taking time to understand each client's individual situation and then apply proven strategies. Unlike a "one size fits all" group seminar, where the individual is expected to know how to create their own job search tools, we take the pressure off that employee through one-on-one collaboration and jointly develop the necessary job search tools to get them reemployed quicker and back to earning a paycheck!

This program can be done face-to-face or through the internet.

Group Transition Services

Basic techniques, strategies, goal-setting, planning and resume writing from our Individual Transition Program is condensed and generalized for a one time presentation for recently unemployeed small or large groups.

This program can be done through an internet video conference such as Skype or inperson.

Group Overview Transition Services

Similar to our Group Transition Services, the team meeting is designed for companies who's department or operations may be facing transition or relocation. This gives employees confidence & reassurance they will be prepared for the next step.

In addition to all the topics in the Group Transition Services, we discuss multiple pro-active measures to be implemented immediately to help prepare for a possible employement change. This is a one time presentation for small or large groups.

This program cane be done through an internet video conference such as Skype or inperson.

If you would like to schedule a transition service, need more information or, pricing, please contact an IBR representitive at 210-342-8962.

Learn More About Our Individual Transition Services

Individual Transition Services is one of IBR's most poular and successful outplace programs in the Western Hemisphere. IBR executives pioneered "outplacement" services twenty years ago so it's no wonder we are an industry leader in transition services.
What Is Included In Individual Transition Services
Skype and/or Telephone Coaching Sessions.-

These one-on-ones develop job search strategies, explore and expand networking opportunities, polish resumes and cover letters, and help prepare for upcoming interviews.

On-The-Spot Coaching.-

Immediate, just-in-time support via telephone Monday through Friday for time-sensitive issues requiring immediate discussion.

The client is encouraged to call the coach (outside the actual coaching session) for any time-sensitive or urgent issues. The job search coach is never more than a phone call or email messaging away.

Career Assessment.-

Guided assessments to identify and create meaningful and personalized career goals and objectives.

Custom Job Search Planning.-

We work with clients to develop a unique job search plan designed for their skills, goals, and today's job market.

Resume Preperation.-

Personalized and constructive feedback to help write the most effective resume.

Interview Preperation.-

All clients receive pre-interview support training using role-play and analysis.

Negotiation Help.-

Assistance and support during the hiring process.

Email Support.-

Unlimited email support Monday-Friday.

Consistent and ongoing communication helps clients get the support and encouragement they need and create trust to discuss issues/challenges they experience during the job search process.

Fee Structure

Why is your company paying more?

International Business Resources is able to structure our fee agreements to the needs of our clients and regions of the globe. For over 25 years we have saved our clients money through our experience, expediant search initatives, quick, and qualified candidate introductions.

We are both a contingency and retained fee based search firm depending our clients' needs, timeline, and location. Below is an explanation of our pricing and our accepted currencies.

Our Fee Structure

As a contingency based firm, we are essentially working with our partners initially for "free", investing in their companies. We only receive payment when our clients hires a candidate we provide. Our "pay for performance" model assures our clients we are working hard to provide them the best solutions possible.

If have questions reguarding our overall fees, geographic coverage, or need pricing for a specific country or region please contact one of our staff members to discuss your unique search needs.

Multi Search Fees

For pricing on multiple searches in one or several countries please contact us to discuss your specific needs, location(s), and timeline.

Transition Services Fees

Our internet-based Individual Transition Services program, with one-on-one coaching, is $4000.00 USD (or equivalent).

If you are interested our internet Group Transition Services, internet Group Overview Services or any onsite transition services for individuals or groups please contact us to discuss your specific needs and pricing.

Accepted Currencies


As a global firm with worldwide partners, International Business Resources accepts payments in multiple currencies. For our clients convenience and security, we utilize direct deposit.

If you do not see your currency listed or have questions about alternate monetary options please contact us for immediate clarification.

Our Markets

Our Markets

As a world-wide search firm International Business Resources operates in locations across the globe, in a diverse range of industries and sources and extensive candidate range for our many clients. We define our markets by geography, industry, and operational title.

Geographic Market

Geographically, our bi-lingual staff focuses on the Western Hemisphere, with strong relationships and over 30 years experience throughout North America and Centeral and South America.

In addition to the Americas we also work frequently with Europe Union and non-European Union countries, throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Our Industry Markets

Our industry focus is General manufacturing, but we also service other industries around the globe. If you have any questions contact us.

We have over 30 years of proven success in manufacturing Industry and have the knowledge and resources to provide not only candidates but ture " Valued assests who can contibute to your orgainization.

Our client lists are not only the fortune 500 's we pride ourselves in also assisting the entrepreneurial, new venture or that family business searching for excellent talent.

Operational Titles

IBR has proven success in sourcing highly skilled, hard-to-find- industry experts at a variety of levels.

From management positions to junior engineers to plant managers and CEOs our candidates are consistently exceeding our clients' expectations.

We provide staffing solutions to both production and essential business operational needs. Engineers, quality control, buyers, tooling engineers, accountants, cost accounting, human resources, logistics, to name a few. We are accustomed to searching for multi-level positions, different countries, multi-operations at the same time to keep our clients on schedule and under budget.


Health Protection

Disposable pleated mask, three layer and thermosealed, Head gear, Gowns and Foot gear.

All our raw materials are manufactured in USA and assembled by North American trading partners. This is a North American product.

Call for pricing & shipping charges, exact delivery dates.
Discounts for order volume and / or expedited payments maybe available. Please ask our team member at time of order.
Call us now (210) 342-8962.

Distinctive description n/a Disposable pleated mask n/a
Generic description n/a Mask formed by three rectangle layers of non-woven fabric, sealed on the short edges where elastic threads are introduced for a strong fit n/a
Expiration years 3 No tolerance
Fibers n/a Three polypropylene non-woven (SMS) lays that sums more than 50g/m2 No tolerance
Plate n/a Nasal adjustment plate n/a
Quantity of seal marks in 2.5 cm length Marks 8 Minimum
Color n/a Color subject to availability n/a
Dimensions cm Length (extended): 17.0 Wide: 17.0 Elastano length (per side) 17.0 Diameter of elastic tread: 0.25 .+/- 1.0
+/- 1.0
+/- 1.0
+/- 0.015
Finishes n/a Fabric surface must be soft for touch, Should not have: dirt, Wood chips, metal, glass, hair, bugs, odors, fungus, humidity, holes, rips, stains, frayed parts, loose fibers or their remains, unsealed pieces, mis cut pieces. n/a
Other Characteristics n/a Manufactured product Disposable For personal use No medical prescription required n/a
Mode of use n/a As protective tool to avoid contamination due to any kind of microorganism when talk, cough or sneeze, avoiding their dispersion on the air and possible contagion n/a

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Our multilingual staff & off shore offices provide quick and effective solutions for all of your organizational development needs.

Our Mailing Address : P.O. Box 700995 San Antonio, Texas 78270, USA

Phone : (210) 342-8962

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